Gary Smith, Drummer for Chase, Original Drummer for Survivor, Studio Drummer
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Special thanks to: Linda Smith, John Han /Prominent Web Design, Dennis Johnson, Terry Fryer, Bill Ludwig III, Ludwig Drum Co., Tommy Martin, Modern Drummer, Norlin Music, Not So Modern Drummer, Joe Morrissey, Jay Burrid, Patrick Leonard, Ted Piercefield, Steve Poltun, Phil Porter, Bill Ruppert, G.G.Shinn, Mickey Smith Jr., Alan Ware, Mitzi Ware. My teachers: Jim Bastian, Rick Boetel, Steve Forman, Charles Lewis. More great players: Roger Adler, Mark Beringer, Curt Bley, John Lewis, Geraldo De Oliviera, Alejo "Joe" Poveda, Bernard Reed, Dede Sampaio, all of the Chase Revisited players, and so many more. Stan Doty (Wilco), you are the man.
In remembrance: Murray Allen, Jim Bastian, Steve and Mike Barker, Jerry Van Blair, Bill Chase, Walter Clark, John Emma, William F. Ludwig Jr., Isadore Shore, Angel South, Wally Yohn.
Gary Smith, his Ludwig Drums and Drum Tech Steve Lauppe, w/Survivor

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